Casting a new light: my collaboration with award-winning Digital Artist Francesco Ferla

I have just completed my final sculpture for my forthcoming one-man show, entitled Elemental, at the Portland Gallery in December and am excited about the photographs that Francesco Ferla has taken.

Francesco is an award-winning Digital Artist and Photographer from Sicily ( who has just moved to London. When we met at a friend’s house it was his sensational photographs of classical Greek and Roman statues that caught my eye. What impressed me was how his photographs brought the statues spectacularly alive. Muscles appeared to swell and limbs to tauten as if the statues were alive and poised to break out of their marble or bronze confines.   My own work is born from classical influences and my main focus is to tease from the clay a powerful sense of energy, life and movement. Since our aims seemed to converge, Francesco seemed the ideal person to photograph my sculpture.

He came to the studio in Cumbria and at first I was apprehensive to look at my new work through the eyes of a photographer, unsure of how my experiments with patination would look. I am delighted with the results and can now see the elemental theme emerging clearly – water and air represented by the iridescent, glimmering blue and green hues and earth and fire by the soil-rich ochres and fiery vermilions.

Truly Francesco is an exceptional artist photographer and I wish I could share his images with you now but they will be revealed during the course of my ‘Elemental’ exhibition at The Portland Gallery from 3rd – 23rd December. In the meantime, Francesco has also created some original concept works. These incorporate some of my previous and best-known works and invite you look at my sculptures in a completely new light. I look forward to sharing these with you over the coming weeks – starting with this superb image of The Leapers bounding energetically across the Shanghai skyline!