The countdown has begun for the unveiling of my D-Day Memorial sculpture. 

All three soldiers have now been moulded and I have been extremely busy at the foundry working on the waxes and checking over the first of the soldiers that has been cast. As you can see from the picture below from the Daily Mail it still needs to be patinated, but both the Normandy Memorial Trust and I are really pleased with the results so far.

With 6th June fast approaching and the Daily Mail backing the Normandy Memorial Trusts campaign to raise the last £9 million the excitement and anticipation is building. I’m looking forward to the culmination of two years of hard work when we can unveil this memorial overlooking Gold Beach that we believe will be a fitting tribute to those who took part in the landings 75 years ago and a true legacy to the 22,500 men who lost their lives fighting for our freedom.