One Year Today

Coverage from the Daily Mail (05/06/18) and The Times (06/06/18) showing pictures and details of how the British Normandy Memorial will look. 

This time next year my sculpture will be unveiled as one of the centre-piece of the Memorial, described by Prince Charles as 'long overdue', to commemorate the 22,500 British soldiers who died during the D-Day landings and thereafter.

The site of the memorial will give visitors a clear view of Gold Beach, one of the three beaches where British forces landed.

Along with the sculpture the names of all the British servicemen and women and those from civilian services who lost their lives in the D-Day landings and Normandy Campaign will be recorded. There will also be the names of men and women who fought under British command.

Not only is this a way to recognise the sacrifice and service of so many but, as Lord Ricketts states, it is a way to help future generations understand the scale of this sacrifice, and the values at stake in the Battle of Normandy.

I am both excited and incredibly honoured to have been chosen to undertake this monumental task and look forward, with relish, to a year of hard work and creativity that will contribute to a long awaited British memorial in France.

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