Saving Eden’s Salmon

The decline of Atlantic salmon has been a silent one that has gone largely un-noticed by the British public. It’s time for a wake-up call; rivers without wild salmon should be no less acceptable to society than woodlands without birds.

Very few people are aware that the English rod-caught record Salmon is reputed to be a 60lb fish caught on the River Eden in 1888.  Today we are facing a future where numbers of salmon are dwindling to the point where they could become extinct on the Eden during our children’s lifetime.  The Eden Rivers Trust are using their “Auction 2016” to start an awareness-raising campaign to enlighten people to the loss of these great fish and to hopefully raise money  – not just for the Eden but for the restoration of these lost giants nationally.


I am delighted that the Trust have commissioned me to make two “over life-size” bronzes of a cock and hen salmon to be sold as a limited edition of five. Whilst working on the sculptures, I had the opportunity to see the actual salmon caught by Mr. Bridger’s  at the Natural History Museum,  which was hugely inspirational.   My sculpture of the two salmon will be unveiled at the Eden Rivers Trust Auction and Dinner at Askham Hall on 5th November 2016.

I hope that my sculpture will act as a catalyst to start a movement that will support Eden Rivers Trust’s campaign and fundraising initiatives to save the wild salmon, before it’s too late.